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I'm Jacobs, a level 198 warrior from Crom. I currently have a lvl 73 druid, 93 mage, 101 rogue, and a level 6 ranger and all of their names end in 162 so ya can always know they are mine. I've played since about December 2011. Ive been part of all the major clans on Crom throughout the years except Seed, but I hope to soon be there. I am a member of the Seedling core which is basically the mini Seed where people can prove their worth to get an invite into Seed. I love collecting instruments and have about 100 of them in my collection now. I tend to challenge the rules since I am friends with everyone, including my clans biggest rivals and those that are mean to clannies and so on. I am known as that "kid that is impossible to hate". I love making new friends, I hate making enemies, and I H0pe (inside joke) that I can make Seeds ranks soon
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Re: Jacobs

Good to have you here on forums Jacobs. :) Nice job on the extensive instrument collection, it’s like you have your own orchestra in a backpack.
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Re: Jacobs

Hey Jacobs, welcome to the dark side!
It’s good to be nice to everyone, even rivals. You never know when the tides may change on your world :D

Much like yourself, I’ve played since Samhain 2011 but quit about two years ago. Came back to find an old friend practically ruling Rosmerta, and a very lively community of friends! It’s also easier to level these days - in my opinion.

If you ever find yourself landing in Rosmerta, my names Maclir101 and I’ll help with whatever you may need!
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