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Hi, I'm beginner, nic to join

Hi, I came to the forum, because from experience I know that the forums will learn the most. I hope that I will stay with you longer ;-)
If you are interested in trading in MMO games, I think we will get along.
What do you think about such a PoE shop like Odealo? For a week I have been buying my poe orbs and countless PoE currency there, and I think it is one and the same, but the site is easy and easy to use. It's really worth buying and selling, or doing a trade.
If you wanted to buy PoE Currency, where to find Odealo?
PoE Shop called podealo represents the highest level of customer care, which is why customers from Singapore, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands arrive there. It is also popular in countries such as Iceland.
I found a textbook, very well written and having a lot of knowledge on technical topics related to trade.
What I know and what I am sure about 100% is reliability, soldness and honesty.
That's why I trust the PoE Shop as much as possible, it's basically the only store I buy PoE currency in. For people who want to do something great I have a few tips and one of them is conscientiousness and pursuit of the goal. This is probably one of the most effective ways to be wealthy and have a lot of currency.
So welcome, I'm a beginner, it's really nice how you greeted me here. However, you should also think about what will happen in the future. How will the prices of orbs be shaped and how much PoE currency you can buy (such as Exalted orbs)
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