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low on gold

hey every body,
I am Texknight, a lvl 44 warrior and I have a problem becouse I am always low on gold. I do as many quests as possible and still i have never had more than 6000 gold. Has anyone some tips for me.

Pls let me know,


Re: low on gold

For me, just leveling to 100 and not buying anything gets you a decent amount of gold. If you're gonna get anything, get an offhand (preferably one of the lvl 100 lux axes if you can, or a lvl 50 lux blade), or the 20/20 regen necklace if regen seems to be your problem. I would only farm after 100 :).

Try to join a clan that can help you get the warden armor and maybe even meteoric as it helps a lot and you will need it for future armor sets.

Fish to 70 and keep fishing at the shimmering waters near the shalemont river leystone, where you can get fish that sells for like 1200 gold each at vendors.
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Re: low on gold

First, higher level = more opportunities and more income from these.
Second, you can collect stuff and sell it. Pledges, crackers, wheat etc, etc. Research the demand and go for it.
Third, reselling lix and such could give some coins too. Again, depends on demand, also price margin.
Fourth, I was getting a nice gold from clan activities on bosses. 6 star can bring up to 1k each, stonevale ones much often, but also Atrisal and so on. Though now Im too fat and lazy.

Re: low on gold

^what legend said, I leveled once to 100 without elixirs and yes you end up with a decent amount of gold.

-quests and bounties included

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Re: low on gold

OMG why all this leveling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen someone level up to 100 and have plenty of gold. I've seen many lvl 100s need to ask for gold or even lower levels have to farm. BUT....I had a 35 acc that started with nothing and no plat and I merched all the way to having stuff worth 1 million gold or two. You just have to wait in the castle and do a few simple things. Look in the auction house for good deals (as you see prices more and more, you'll know when something is a good deal) Basically buy stuff at very low prices. Then sell them to other people (not in auction house) For a higher price (still has to be reasonable though) (DON'T sell what you need for leveling though if you need gold as this will eventually hurt you in the future. Just ask friends or clannies for stuff. You can sell that stuff for gold.) Another way to save money is to buy things using other items. As item values are not exact, you can get pretty lucky (or unlucky) sometimes. Just keep on the merch grind and you'll be SUPER rich (provided you don't mess up and focus most of your stuff into leveling).
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