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Got celtic heroes again two months ago on android, i played this game on ios a year or two beforehand, but i only made it to lvl 46 on ios. I am a lvl 115 warrior as of this moment on android, my server is Balor, and my ign is Soviet Union.

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I need some help. I haven't logged into my account for about a year due to my son being unwell. So my life came to a stand still. I decided to try to get back into the game today. I still had my user name and password written down in my phone's notes. When I tried to log in. It says user or password not correct. So I applied to reset my password. It said it had sent it to my email. But I haven't received anything. I am now worried due to the fact I haven't been on a while my account auto deleted. I had a 150 plus mage n spend over 500 pounds on the game. N had alot of items.

Re: Hello

Im having same issues regarding the password reset feature, also for future reference send any queries like this to an OTM admin like muldar etc as account information critical to your account recovery is best not shown where everyone can see it.

You can tell by the colour of their username e.g. Muldar has his username highlighted in burgundy.

Happy hunting from morrigan ;)
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