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Re: Qustions

The Noob Next Door wrote:Thank you. And who would that be? also I have never used a forum before so this might be the wrong category

Nah perfect category, this is our general "hello and how do you do board"

A quick run down of our boards:
Celtic Heroes: You can find our general chat boards viewforum.php?f=1
Support: For all your support needs viewforum.php?f=68
Classes: For your specific class questions viewforum.php?f=46
Worlds: Here you can find all our worlds and your specific one, Crom viewforum.php?f=53

Any questions let me know and I can help, names Muldar, Community Manager of OTM :)

Re: Testing

Tadaaah wrote:
xSum wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:It's a greeting with a GIF. I greet everyone with a GIF.

Helloooo, where's my greeting GIF? :D

Did I miss you? Have a GIF!

What about me? :D
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