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Hey everyone! I'm Liona Pride. I made my first toon today on Crom. This isn't my first mmorpg. I've played runescape since I was maybe 13-16. I quit runescape due to the fact people were just plain mean lol. I just turned 20 a couple months ago. I've been watching and reading the forums until I knew which world I wanted to play. I hope I enjoy this game. Most people I've talked to on Crom seem nice and helpful. I learned about Celtic Heroes from my cousin Steven. I did buy a small amount of platinum and bought 167k. Then I found out that buying gold wasn't the best money maker lol. Oh well. Lol at least I have a small amount of gold to help me! So hello fellow players! Hope I get to meet and talk to you all!
Liona Pride

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Re: Hey!

Hey Liona Pride! Welcome to Celtic Heroes and the Forums!
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I'm taking a break from CH until the next questline is released. Possibly this next beta.

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