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I am Nub Main

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:22 pm
by Nub Main
Sup you poopkins. I am Nub Main. So give me free gold so I can buy 5% mounts. I was Deathbytray on the forums, and Deathhbytray3 in game, but due to me living near to OTMs office n I made a visit and forced them to change my name. In real life I am a skilled... Procrastinator, and I like sports such as tennis and kayaking.

I only really level in the holidays, where I do some work for my dad to buy play, so I can buy lixes so I can level. I have played since 2011 Christmas ,event, as this was when I got my iPad. I made it to level 32 before having my ancient scale breastplate scammed from me, before the trade-safe feature. I was in floods of tears as I had worked hard for that, and being only 9, I was a crybaby. Then, after recovering from my loss of ancient scale, I made a rogue, and got him to level 54. I had full warden but I quit because... I bought Fifa13 on my iPad. Then, I made a new rogue, my one now, and leveled him, with long periods of inactivity inbetween levels. at one point, I did not even lix for over 6 months. At only level 140, I am far from endgame, but I am knowledgable about all areas except parts of carrowmore, the sewers, and the tower. Being the sole survivor of Crookbacks, I am poorly equipped, but i make my way around.

The reason I play CH is for the social aspect. It's fun to pop a lix with friends and be racist to one another. (in a joking and respectful way) I have made some real friends since I started, my first being Crookbacks clan members. After the fall of Crookbacks, I went from clan to clan, eventually settling down in a lovely Place called EtherealVoid. After that died too, I struggled to settle down, so I rejoined Crookbacks. I'm friends with people from all sorts of clans, so if I come across a boss, I call people from different clans so we can all work together and get the job done.

Uh so yeah I kinda ranted but I don't care and stuff.

P.S. Mail Gold to Nub Main, level 140+ Rogue on Rhiannon, so he can buy 5% mounts.

Re: I am Nub Main

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:20 pm
by Nub Main
Well fine ignore me.

Re: I am Nub Main

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:40 pm
by Muldar
Welcome to the forums :) (Had to get a free moment to read all the text :lol: )