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Muldar - Community Liaison

Greetings Heroes

Time for me to introduce myself here, I'm Muldar a new face here at OTM (This is actually my first day) that you will hopefully be seeing a lot of on the forums and in game in the coming months.

Gamer like yourselves mainly mmos, counter strike, minecraft (The list could go on for a long time). Outside of games I do a lot of cycling, photography and hiking so quite a mix of outdoors and gaming.

I'm here because we have seen your feedback on the forum about lack of communication and that's where I come in. I'm here as a direct link between players and the team here, taking your suggestions and feedback about the game and making sure it gets heard. I'll be active in the forums daily taking any questions you have and keeping on top of any support issues you may have with the game.

As per community suggestion I'm playing through the game afresh with a new character and no spawned in items to experience beginning to end game content like a normal player would.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys soon and see you in game.

Muldar /
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Re: Muldar - Community Liaison

Skenkee wrote:Welcome to the Otm team! Hope you will be having a great time / experience.
Have you worked on any other games/companies. And did you originally live in the area?

Thanks it's good to be here if a bit overwhelming at first. The team at OTM have all been really nice to me so I'm enjoying it.

No this is quite a leap for me, most of what I did in my free time was game server administration and forum work but this is my first step into it as a job.

New to the area which made the move extra daunting I lived further north so still getting used to the move down. Whole new start and its been great.
Muldar /
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Re: Muldar - Community Liaison

Voldemort wrote:Welcome Muldar! Nice to see a new member of the team. :D

You have very similar interests to me - I could do all of those all day!

Anyway, good luck and hope the community treats you well!

Thanks its good to be here :)

Haha good to see someone with similar interests on here

Here's hoping so they seem nice so far though
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Re: Muldar - Community Liaison

Welcome, Muldar, to the Celtic Heroes forums!!
It's that little corner of the world where we chat, spit, crack jokes, and throw chairs around.

Your new position sounds really cool, and I can see how it will be very valuable to the community and to OTM.

So grab a chair, sir, and let's get started!

P.S. Have the other OTM team members mentioned anything about the new employee initiation rites?
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