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Introducin myself.

Hey im kittens from crom. I started i think 2 yrs ago. Cant remember good. I started as a lvl 90 somethin xLilyx (my sisters acc) i lvled xLilyx to lvl 113 until i decided to make my own acc with the character kittens cuz i finally read the game rules lol. There was always confusion to me as lily anyway due to the fact that i wasnt aware that my big sister would log onto that acc to talk to her friends. I started my acc with Kittens last yr and i jus started lvlin it do to the confusion. And with the order of my sister i was told to delte her char xLilyx, katra, xSNOWx and Avan which im about to do. I think it would be best for me to continue as kittens on my own acc lol. Anyway im learnin and makin mistakes like that time i accidently did that native x glitch last summer that got kittens banned for a bit:/ but i solved that prob and got my acc back lol. Btw if a admin sees this could u send me a link to the rules again id like to re read em lol. Anyway hi how r u guys lol

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