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New in forum, thought it was time to join in!

Work a buckload of hours each week so this is my "get the steam of" game. =)
Played alot in my life, started of with Counterstrike and Diablo, back in the days. Tho i always missed a good old roleplaying game.
First game that came out i was beta tester to, Dark Age of Camelot. Played it for years, after that i went for lot of different games, like WoW, Lord of the rings, Star Wars.
I could make the list long, and many arent even worth mentioning. :)

Since i started laking time in playing i dropped out, and then a restless night i found this game. And so here i am.

Hold only one char, or toon what you prefer to name it here.
163 Mage

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