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Hello Celitic Forum

Hey everyone, I have 2 characters so far Alicia Renae (warrior) and Alicia Renae1 (ranger). I'm in server Taranis. I am new to the game as of 2 weeks ago both character are lvl 60s and working daily on improving them. I belong to the great clan Toxic Savage. Any tips on how I can improve my ranger besides lvling dex more? Say hi if you ever see me.. I wont bite..... or will I

Re: Hello Celitic Forum

Hi! Welcome! I am a ranger so this is my stats, It might help idk, It's a good stats for me. I can duel, level and farming without changing it every time I want to do something. You can try puting a stats like me if u like( Im level 119) so make sure not to go over board lol:) good luck!
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exam is near....

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