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Swan, Mage of Arawn

Hi everyone, I've been playing for a while now and this is my first forum post. I have some knowledge/experience with the mage class so I'll be posting stuff in that section soon.

Things planned for the future, in order of most to least feasible:
- Mage PvP Builds and Rotations
- Spell Damage Formulas
- Spell Damage Ranges
- Effect of Lures/Resistances (Spell Piercing)
- Spell Percent Accuracy Formulas (Ability vs. Evasion)

Ok, now a little bit about myself.
- In high school
- Currently struggling with Spanish class
- Fav sports: volleyball and softball
- Fav TV shows/movies? Idk, too lazy to decide
- Hobbies: (small scale) programming, chess

Feel free to ask me questions here or in game.
My main
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