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Looking (again) at Celtic Heroes

Hello Celtic Heroes community. I played (as a noob), briefly, back in February and March; however, as it seemed the game ownership was changing hands, I was unsure of the same's future, and so, I was hesitant to invest much time here. That said, as I can now see there is activity in the (assumably restructured) development of Celtic Heroes, I think I am going to take another shot at leveling a druid, and maybe, a mage alt. I have no idea whether the mage would be fire or ice, as I am hard-headed, and will likely have to test the various builds myself. Carrying along the same sentiment, my druid will have lots of strength and dexterity. I know this isn't the norm; however, I've tested with, and without, points in these stats (at least to lvl 30), and I can see the combined utility of doing a balanced druid. Besides, who wants to stand there with a stick, get bashed in the head, and not be able to, at least, respond, in some way? Also, of course, those last few auto attack hits can, cumulatively, save a lot of energy. Anyhow, this is my story, and I'm sticking to it, for now. My new 'toon is, currently, a level 17 druid, on Epona. I'm going by TopSecret. Nice to meet you all.

Re: Looking (again) at Celtic Heroes

Welcome (back) to Celtic Heroes! Yes, there has been some changes recently, though I want to point out that the game ownership hasn't really changed, just the company it's being developed by. From the time the official a happened, until mid January, the focus was on updating the game to a new version of the game engine, and fixing issues related to that. Since that has mostly finished, the focus is on the next content update, which should be coming out in the next month or so, and will do a lot to show which direction VR wants to take the game in.

Druids are a great class, can be pretty decent melee if you want to go that route. Generally, fire mage is best for soloing....ice is slow, which means that there will be lots of time that you are spent being bashed by a mob while your skills cool down. That being said, a hybrid build is best for the first 50 or so levels, until you have the main skills for whichever build you want to go for (fire bolt, firestorm, and fire attunement or ice shards, ice bolt, and ice attunement).

Good luck!
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Re: Looking (again) at Celtic Heroes

Good to have you in game. :) If I remember druids are actually the class that can do auto builds nicely, and cast. (maybe at higher levels winds or something? Idrk) When I made my mage I also had to test myself to see if fire was really more effective. A nice tip so as not to waste an alt book is if you have a lot of free skill points, or just used an alt book, you can preview what the damage of your spells will be without actually spending the sp. Just make sure you don't actually spend them. If I remember correctly ice shards is actually straight up better than fire bolt for the first few levels. (more dps, and lower energy cost). But once you skills get to around level 20, firebolt takes the decisive advantage getting more dps and at a lower energy cost. (including attunement as well) The only "mechanical" reason to go ice is the cost of fire storm imo. Last I checked, I could not find a tome going for less than 100k on Epona. That's thanks to ah, but no one was selling cheaper either. I did have a friend get one for free though. Either way, it might be worth it to go ice until you get FS. Also, if you do make a mage I have some rings you might like :). Also, #delnidos is a great clan (may or may not be my own clan :))

Re: Looking (again) at Celtic Heroes

Thanks for the reception... As for all of the advice given, I'll just say "duly noted", and, again, thanks. It'll, likely, take me a while to level my druid, so I should have plenty of time to feel the class out, and decide, if I'll be going druid for main. Played shadow priest, and frost mage, in WoW (both to end game), and wound up sticking with the shadow priest, as main, simply because the class was so fun to play. This, even though frost mages were, at the time, the strongest dps class, in the game. Again, I'm just gonna have to feel it out, and, also, start saving for that phoenix egg... :)

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