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Hellu everyone I'm Nueve of Epona, as of this post lvl 180+. I started playing CH for the first time last May and instantly fell in love. I've been playing everyday since. My first toon is an eg dps warrior on Lugh. My girlfriend is an Epona native and introduced me to the server, we've now made Epona our home and I'm really enjoying it. I recently xferred a bunch of stuff looking to xfer more tho. My favorite thing about CH hands down is clan building and just the clan system in general. I once lead the largest most active clan in Lugh but since I'm not so active there anymore it's slowly fading. However my good friend Starchild has expressed interest in assuming the chieftain role and I feel she'd be an amazing leader. Nowadays my girlfriend and I are leading a steadily growing clan in Epona, Numeros del Nido. We are actively recruiting and i like how on a non-dom server we're able to run our clan more like a family rather than a militia lol. Anywho! I just wanted to introduce myself, I plan on furthering this discussion soon elsewhere in the forums so keep and eye out and thank you for reading!

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Welcome to the forums!
Clan building and the overall social/political aspect of CH is a lot of fun, I completely agree with you there. It’s kept me around and coming back again and again.
Epona is a really cool place to try and build a clan as they are more so social units than means of war or competition. Hopefully you all have good luck building your clan there!
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Hey bro, seen you on Epona from time to time with that killer set of yours xD Welcome to the server and the forums and hope to see you around in game or here in the future. Have fun :)
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