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mobs are invisible

After the latest update, ive had this issue where most of the NPCs and enemies are invisible. Only NPC that ive been able to interact with is the blacksmith in castle.

I've tried reinstalling celtic heroes, clearing cache, restarting phone, etc but nothing works. I logged my rogue, ranger and mage. The rogue and ranger are bugged with invisible NPCs but the mage isnt. The rogue and ranger were both in forbidden halls before the update, the mage is around lvl 65. When logging all 3 individually the first time around, they were all glitched in mid air similar to the shadow strike glitch but i dont know if any of that is related to my issue.

When i log the rogue and ranger on my tablet, theres no invisible NPCs which leads me to believe theres an issue between the latest update and one of my devices. The device i noticed the issue on is the Samsung Galaxy J7.

I've heard others had the same issue as well.

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