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Username or email incorrect

I clearly remember by username and email address but whenever I try to retrieve my password, it says "Username or email incorrect". What gives? Did they delete my account or something?
P.S. I have used the same username and email to retrieve my password in the past and I even have such past email.
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Re: Username or email incorrect

Hey Xanderace,

Don't worry, we don't delete accounts :)
For account retrieval you will have to contact support@onethumbmobile.com.
If you can provide them with the answers to these questions it will help speed up the process:

- Username for account -
- Registered email -
- When account created/last played -
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them -
- Character levels on the account -
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made -
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -
- Some items that characters will have or have equipped -


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