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Plat sent to wrong user?

I finished a plat offer and it says that my platinum was rewarded. I logged on and my account doesn't have the platinum. Now this makes me worried because I did plat offer for that certain account for backpack expansions. I can't check if plat was sent to another account because some are banned.


Re: Plat sent to wrong user?

For me usually going to that page and then going back to the game rewards me the missing platinum but if that isnt working in your case posting on the forum here isn’t going to help you because its not a celtic heroes issue its the platinum provider issue so lets say its nativex you need to message nativex support or if supersonic you need to message them

Re: Plat sent to wrong user?

Typically larger offers can take up to 24 hours to be rewarded.

If it has still yet to be added to your account please contact Supersonic directly.
(Need Help button at the bottom of the Offerwalls page.)

Once they have confirmed your reward please contact us with the details and we can manually add the platinum to your account.

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