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Re: Conflicted account

Jusiahprincipe wrote:Thanks Muldar but sorry to bother you again I’m I’m confused with what I logged in with and when I try and log in with my old user it say username or password incorrect then I try and log In With my characters name it says the account is conflicted the. I try with my username that I use for the forums and it’s says user or pass incorrect again so I’m really confused with what to use

The username you posted in your OP + ios or android should allow you to sign in.

So if my username was originally Muldar it would now be Muldarios or Muldarandroid

If you are still receiving password incorrect notifications please contact our support team (Support@onethumbmobile.com) with the following information

- Username for account -
- When account created/last played -
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them -
- Character levels on the account -
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made -
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -
- Some items that characters will have or have equipped -
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Re: Conflicted account

Hi I haven't been playing Celtic heroes for a while and when I came back it said my account name is conflicted can u fix it please username : [removed] and I think I was on lirs reach or mabon I'm not to sure

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