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I'd Like to Buy Platinum But...

For some reason whenever I tap on the purchase platinum option in the game the screen dims a bit as if it's loading, but it isn't.

Part of this I feel has to do with my Region. I'm in the Philippines now, using a new phone which doesn't have my American accounts on it. My old phones were always iPhones and I used my Apple ID for transactions, so even after I moved to the Philippines games would still display currencies for microtransactions as American Dollars.

After transferring to Android, and using my new, Philippine account, the Platinum shop no longer displays the price beside the amount of platinum.

For example, where there used to be a .99¢ adjacent to the 10 Platinum option is now blank. There is no Php amount for any of the options.

I've been wanting to purchase some platinum but it seems I'm unable to now. Is there any way you guys could fix this so that I can spend money on your game? :lol: I want to get some chests before the event ends.
Would you kindly?


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