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Too many disconnects

It’s pretty annoying now that almost every fast travel which I made ends up with a dc. This is also noticeable when I want to use the Auction House. Didn’t made any statistics, but I usually get disconnected at least once in every 5-10 minutes or less if I use the Leystones or the Auction House frequently. Other than that the game is usually stable (dc also happens, just not so often).

At first I thought it’s probably a problem from the server's side, but yesterday asked one of my clanmate and he said he didn’t noticed anything, his connection is stable.

So I'd like to know if possible that are the Programming Team aware of any disconnection issues from the server's side or is this only a device related issue?

Thank you.

[Asus ZenPad10 - Z300 series / Android 7.0]

Re: Too many disconnects

WiFi, and no, usually doesn't appear but sometimes I check it and see that there is "weak signal". Although it happened a few times that the indicator turned off for a few seconds, but that's totally new. This whole thing is totally new btw, because it's not a new device and my girlfirend used it to play CH in the previous months and she doesn't noticed any disconnection problems (leastwise not so many as now).

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