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False Banned (Device Banned) PLS READ

I got banned 3 months ago on my main Robin Hoods.
I tried to contact appeals with the account information and told them that i had no clue why ive got banned. They tell me its just a device ban and that i can just reinstall the app.

Thing is that it dosent just work to reinstall the app, i have tried on my dads device. Dosent work.
My clannies from ather countries have even tried to login and check my account. Still dosent work. Says device ban.

So someone help me, i have tried to contact OTM support on mail (support) (appeals), Twitter, Facebook.
Everyone says its just a device ban. But it isent!! pls help.

Re: False Banned (Device Banned) PLS READ

Muldar wrote:I have removed the Device Ban on your main account, you will be able to log into that account now.

Your other account has been account banned and will remain that way.

If you are found to be doing this again your account will be banned without appeal.

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