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My characters are gone after changing phones

My phone crashed I purchased another one when I downloaded Celtic Heroes I logged in and my character is no longer there. It prompts me to make new character. My character was lvl 137. There' :twisted: no way to access any information from my previous phone what if anything can I do? Or is starting from beginning my only options?
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Re: My characters are gone after changing phones

here are some things u could have done wrong

a) did u log in with the same account details as last time? if u didnt, do it then

b) if u logged into ur account, are u on the same server u were on before? either this or C is ur problem, on the log in section there is a little globe were u can view all servers, find the server with 1/2 characters or more and click it, that should be ur 137 toon. for example, ur toon could have been on arawn, and ur new device has it on belenus, so you would then need to select the arawn server

c) did u get the same platform as before? apple dev to apple dev or android dev to android dev? cause apple and android are on different servers.

hope i helped, and i hope u get ur acc back
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