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Re: Anyone else experience this?....

Wow it should not take this long to fix a glitch on a plat purchase. This should be a top priority, they should not let their customers money sit in limbo for two weeks.

How hard is it to check and see if you got the money and deliver the chests? Shouldn't have to go to their public forum to get them moving. I know they are busy with new event but this is poor customer service.
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Re: Anyone else experience this?....

Wow. Seems like they're shipping your plat in from mongolia by canoe. A whole week to get a virtual purchase is unbelievable.

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Re: Anyone else experience this?....

I've had these issues with CH before until i gave up on buying through credit cards completely and just sticking to itunes gift cards because apparently the whole game system jams if you try buy with a regular bank card lmao it's kinda funny "omg he just purchased with a Mastercard!!! stop him right there!!!".
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