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Re: Got iTunes didnt give me plat?????

I suggest you contact iTunes directly, I filled out a support ticket on their website and got a call from their support team in less than a minute. They credited the charge back to my cc in a day or two and even gave me a free movie credit :3 afterwards, I just purchased the equivalent plat ingame hoping it doesn't mess up. And luckily it went through fine the second time around. Sent a ticket to support both ingame and here in forums but couldn't wait long. Otm responded but iTunes already got me my money back. I guess otm really swamped took close to a week before they even responded to my email. But all was fixed, hope same thing happens to you. By the way, it was a friend ingame that told me to reach out to iTunes for help cause same thing happened to him...makes me wonder now how often this is happening, very inconvenient :roll:
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Re: Got iTunes didnt give me plat?????

Mclovin69 wrote:If you added a $100 to your account with a gift card or something. It might not of worked because of tax.

I was thinking this comment. Only did this once with a gift card. Nyc the tax is 8.88 I believe. So 108.88
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