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Aren't admin supposed to stop this rather than make excuses?

A few weeks ago I was fighting a mob and a character butted in and stole the kill
I whispered my complaint and they swore at me. I blocked them
I moved to another bot and the did the same. Butted in and stole the kill.
They are 30 levels above me.
This carried on
I went to the castle and this character turned up actually following me around!!
I logged out
The next day I was in North stonevale. I was running up a path killing the wisps. The same character butted in and stole the mob I was fighting. Then did the same on the next mob
I ran past him into the clearing and the character began killing everything in front of me. I moved away to the left and the character killed the mob I was fighting. Immediately I turned around and headed back to the path. The other character overtook me and killed the wisp I was heading for?
I began taking screenshots.
For the last 2 weeks, the character steals my kills whenever I goto stonevale to do quests.
I msg admin inapp only to be told "maybe he thinks you're stealing his kills"
Excuse me!!!
There's something not right here
They weren't interested in the screenshots at all. But the harassment policies make a nice read

So my only choice is to delete the character ive taken to lvl70 and start from scratch??
The game is good but I've just about had it with admin

Re: Aren't admin supposed to stop this rather than make excu


My girlfriend is in the stalkers clan. She msgd the head honcho but nothing happened
We've both been playing. I usually end up running round with lower levels helping them do quests or level up.
The stalker is bound to have other characters and I'm reluctant to befriend someone in case it's him
I guess I'm paranoid now

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