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Re: SERVERS DOWN for maintenance

Belmont wrote:Guys relax, I am sure it's probably pretty important if they had to just shut it down. Maybe their servers was about to lose some critical data that would wipe all our characters and because they shut it down they prevented that. You never really know. Just be patient.

excuse me but did you just lose a half hour of lixes/idols, time and organization to take down 200 6? didnt think so, not your place to speak then.

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Re: SERVERS DOWN for maintenance

It is not that bad that the server is taken down but as more said, we were in the middle of a 200 6* and suddenly we all get logged off. Some message like "the servers will be offline in 30 minutes, don't start any big battles as you may lose progress" like in the old engine would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: SERVERS DOWN for maintenance

It was likely the mail bug exploit recently posted. If it was duplicating or redirecting end game gear in mails that would be reason to shut down with no warning for hours.

Typically OTM only does that for game breaking issues. They should code it to refund you any lix idols and pots used in the 30 minutes prior to unannounced shutdown it wouldn't be that hard to code.
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