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Re: Event Bosses are way too OP for us to Kill

Phantom Menace wrote:
thijsdeF wrote:They arent op, the drops are better than hrung and mord drops, so its logic that its harder to kill

As I said we killing Comrak 6* with at least 2 players in group and Spider 150 6* with at least 3 players in group. And now the Monolith 150 6* can't be killed even if we have 15 players which is 1 full group and a second group.

Like I said we in ANDROID still new and should not be compared with IOS server strenght. There are No hrung or Mordis Kill in Android Platform and will take months or even years if the core players will keep on quitting cuz of this BS adjustments. I don't know why the developers can't take it for reconsideration. OTM made the game to cross the Android but with this adjustments it's biased.

I'm not sure what lvls you have on your server but we were able to kill the 150 6* with 10 fairly easily. It took awhile - about 20 min.

Our first attempt was terrible and it took us 55 minutes. But we learned and strategies better each time we've killed it
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Re: Event Bosses are way too OP for us to Kill

Skerwald wrote:Did you expect that a giant tank obelisk with tank adds and AOE skills easy was?

He doesn't think they should be easy just easier, honestly android should have some easier bosses in comparison to iOS maybe scaled back versions with scaled back gear, I can't see any reason in mind anyone would call foul play on that and feel they're being cheated.

Fact of the matter is, if they're hoping to reach a market on a different OS, they're going about it all wrong-- they're putting tons of content on a consumer base that has barely started to take form.

While it is very true that there are some that will say the bosses are just fine (top 1% I assume) the vast majority are the ones who end up ****ed by these tougher bosses especially android...

If you do want to take the claim that iOS has been around longer that's why they're not having issues, that's partially right, but you gotta remember also that where iOS content scaled up over many years-- android scaled up over a couple of months... A DRASTIC difference.
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