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Meteoric Weapon Quest

Hello, I'm an old player and I've recentley began playing my rogue again (Sneakyhalt). I have full warden including the warden dagger. However, this is where it gets challenging. For the meteoric weapon quests (the old one this is) you have to kill some wisps that spawn in stonevale (very very rarely). I was wondering if there's any possibility for me to be able to change this particular quest for the updated quest version. I believe this is the one we're you must kill some people in dunskieg sewers and also get a map from the Sea captain. If this is at all possible it would be greatly appreciated. However, if this is not possible I would like to know the rarity of the wisps spawning as I've only seen one in about a month worth of playing. Thanks for your time,

World: Danu
Character: Sneakyhalt

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