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Re: nerf giant druids in stonevale

they're set on a circular path around the grassy train areas, which they walk around fairly nonstop at a nice speed.
There are multiple versions of these, one around each of the treed/grassy spots in the center.
The only safe spot they leave is a small strip hugging the wall around the map, and even then attacking mobs while they're walking nearby may still aggro them.
They take longer to kill than killain and seem to hit about the same if not more.
These things are in serious need of either stationary positions or yellow names. No exceptions.
Screenshot_2014-10-28-23-33-27~2.jpg (147.41 KiB) Viewed 1194 times
Screenshot_2014-10-28-23-33-21~2.jpg (144.78 KiB) Viewed 1194 times
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Re: nerf giant druids in stonevale

Armo wrote:Ah geeze. Thanks for pictures/info, definitely could use a change.

Yeah sorry if I'm ranting a bit lol, but they screwed up so many of my lixs while leveling my warrior ranger and druid in that area, sure i can use the sewers but me and SV got history, and nobody else seems to like it so I'm usually left to myself to grind, which is nice.
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