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My account has been disabled

My account was disabled a time ago i messaged support email and they told me to go to another email so i messaged this new email and then they say what items did i have so i tell them then they send me a one sentence answer that says " your account was disabled because u tried to sell it" they did not tell me what to do or when ill get my acc back. This whole thing took over 3 weeks !!!! They hardly care about there customers and i still dont know hat to do i have been playing since 2011!!! I fell like i have been scammed by onethumbmobile because i did not know that that was a rule breaking thing or even an account disabling thing!!

Re: My account has been disabled

From what I understand, you were directed to appeals@onethumbmobile.com.

The Appeals team are there for when your account is disabled and you feel like it was an unfair decision. They are there to take a look at your account and see whether you were banned for the wrong reasons. If they believe that you were wrongly banned, then they will unban your account. If they agree that you did break the Terms of Service or any other rule, then they will not take action.

Now that's cleared up, let's take a look and see if what you did was breaking any rules (i.e. you deserved the ban).

The Terms of Service state:
You may not share your password, buy, sell, give or trade any account, nor attempt to buy, sell, give or trade any account.

This means that you were in breach of the Terms of Service, so your ban was correct. You appealed, and were found to have actually broken some rules.

The Terms of Service also state:
We ask that you abide by the following Terms of Service, please read carefully before continuing. Violations of our Terms of Service can result in suspension of your account or a permanent ban.

Before you create an account, and by playing Celtic Heroes, you have agreed to abide to the End User License Agreement (Terms of Service). You breached the agreement and so you were issued with a ban, which the Terms of Service states you will receive if violated.

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Re: My account has been disabled

I sent them an email 2 weeks ago and still no reply and if i go to in game support and use the word disabled it will always say contact appeals :/ its getting stupid now

Re: My account has been disabled

I was confused whether you sent email from ig support tool or did you use Voldemort's suggested link on appeals.
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