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Cost of mmorpg

Hi guys,
I dont play a lot of mmorpg games but i have friends who do and the thing i am noticing is they all either pay a substantial ammount for the game and each update or a monthly subscription.
My point is people moan about how much plat is needed in this game and while i dont fully disagree i personaly got to 130 and frozen without and it is still cheaper than others?

What does everyone else think.
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Re: Cost of mmorpg

The game does require wayy too much irl money to play. Weather you buy the plat or someone else buys the plat that doesnt matter. Its someone money thats basically going down the drain of this game. The Pots, Idols, Sigils, Lixes and chests are all someones money that you are using. Its kind of pushed to the limit on plat buying in this game.
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Re: Cost of mmorpg

Levyy wrote:I got to 191 in 3 months non plat. Everything is possible if you put time in

Can I assume you had more than one device?
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Re: Cost of mmorpg

While I agree that this game does take a lot of money to play, I believe the means is worth the result. I have put more hours into this game then I have in every other game Ive played combined. When you think about it, it doesn't even take much time to level until 180+

Maybe only 2-2 1/2 hours a level at level 150. It simply takes a ton of xp elixirs.

2 hours a level is much better then in other MMORPGs where it takes days of playing to gain a single level.

Re: Cost of mmorpg

iJoin wrote:
Levyy wrote:I got to 191 in 3 months non plat. Everything is possible if you put time in

Judging by your sig, I asume you are immature or people hate you.
I do not believe this "191 in three months without plat"

It's possible, but would take very good merching skills, dicing luck, or just insane time put into the game...Or all 3

Also, what about his sig makes you think that people dislike him or that he is a noob? That is a sig like the kind I would post. Terminator also has a sig that is very similar, and I know people like him :lol:

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