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mailing..my mail never made it through

Im updating this topic cause its been 28 days+ since then and heres my feedback.
Primo : i NEVER ever got an answer from support. negative or positive NADA. are these guys underpaid? u can reset a server for one dumb foxglove but cant answer a player whos gaming is paralysed cause of your bad programming?
So thank you community manager for having at least replied to my post.

Secundo : All is this mailing project is so new its full of loopholes. As many other things in this game its an insult to intelligence.
Reduce the 28 days period to half. why bother with inactive or dormant characters? im supposed to wait like a cake for 28 days if something goes wrong with this mailing thing?

THIRdly : why the hell is there a scroll on area toons on left side while u are posting your mail? do i need to mail some noob in area when i can directly trade it?!!! WHY THIS BIG LOOPHOLE? to induce people in error?! cause this is what im wondering happened. the scroller in mailbox doesnt have its place there. give the guy who designed this dumb thing some intelligence. one can by easy mistake click a random name and it replace the receivers name. a moment of inadvertance, or chat box overlays and there. mistake done!

thank you very much for your incapability to help.

[color=#400040]So characters involved are : main rogue 113+ and alt rogue lvl 40 both on different accounts and belonging to same person and registered at same email.

i have been transferring the following items through mail to my noob alt since a while now to see how quickly i can lvl a rogue with lux : heroic ammy, heroic boots, two mighty bracelets of poison (+6), greater soltice gloves), golden bloodlust helm. Thats all. (no haste gloves since my main has haste ring)

All was well until two weeks ago, when my alt transferred back the above items back to main by clicking REPLY button but SURPRISE! the mail never got through!!!
Where did the items disappear to?! theres no trace of sent mail so its a huge problem! theres no trace of received mail thats an even bigger problem!

i would like to add that my alt has no one else in his mail box but me. so i couldnt go wrong with the reply button.

i would like to know if theres a possibility that the sent mail can be traced? and if mail never reached destination will i get the items returned after the 21 days period?

please advise T T
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Re: mailing..my mail never made it through

Well considering the fact ur the only person i have heard say that mailing doesnt work im going to have to guess u messed up and made a mistake when u sent the mail. If mail didnt work the somehow when i mailed thousands of times one of them should have not gone through at some point but this hasnt happened to me or other ppl. So its much more likely u missed typed the name it went to someone else and they got free items or u know u made a mistake and felt dumb about it so u made up a story to try to get ur items back. Either way unless others come forward and say they have not had their items go through also then its much more likely this was an error on ur part not in the system.

Re: mailing..my mail never made it through

actually, about the area scroll, I'm pretty sure there are tabs above for not only area but also clan and friends.
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