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Storyline Quest / Stonevale

I'm currently lvl 61 and leveling in Stonevale. Was able to do the quest line "Tam Lin?" and the ceremonial dagger quest to kill the wraith. My questions is whats next?? I picked up both the glove quest for darkshadow and warden (I'm a druid so I heard shadow was better).

Anyways I saw that I needed to be lvl 70 on a couple of quests in Stonevale so is it just a case of leveling up more and then the story quest opens back up or am I missing something?

Thanks for any pointers.


Re: Storyline Quest / Stonevale

Elleybes1 wrote:I dropped the ceremonial dagger for the quest to kill the chaos wraith and I have no idea what to do now I feel so dumb, is there any way I can fix it?

This thread is from 2013, and the Stonevale questline has changed drastically since then. You probably should have made a new post, as none of the above content is relevant.

You could complete the quest if you get the Warden armor and weapon - I am pretty sure that will give you a bit of divine damage, enough to take out the wraiths. Otherwise, you could send in a Support ticket (email them at support@onethumbmobile.com or send an in game support ticket from the character that dropped it). Let them know that you dropped it, as well as roughly what time and what day, then they should be able to restore the dagger to your character.
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