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My 20k charm is gone...

This kid Tyson3745 (don't knownif the #'s are right) has my 20k reaper wraith charm. I was gonna sell it to him but accidentally hit the trade button (yes twice... I feel retarded) and now he has my charm and won't give it back. I spent all my money on that charm... My characters name is Mortimer (warrior lvl 45) and I play on danu. If you can help me at all please do :( thanks...
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Re: My 20k charm is gone...

A good rule to live and play by is to avoid buying items that are more than a certain percentage of your available funds.

If you set the bar at 10%, for example, you could allow yourself to buy a 20K charm once you had accumulated 200K; if you set your bar at 50%, you would have saved 40K before buying it.

Personally, I float my percentage based on the perceived gain of the item. In terms of this game, I allow for 1% to be used for vanity items because they have no use (I own ragged clothes). I push the bar up to about 50% if the item will result in improved game-play.

A system like this ensures that you always have a cushion of cash as a back-up in case of emergencies. It is also a psychological trick. I would feel bad about losing 100% of my cash, but less so if it was only 1% (even though the nominal value remains the same).

All you can do is learn by your mistake. The title of your thread is correct. Your charm is gone.
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Re: My 20k charm is gone...

Ok so support will refund if I got it from the shop but didn't like the item (and wanted a refund) but they won't refund it if I accidentally traded it to someone... That's pretty stupid /: well guess I gotta live without it and randomly see tyson3749 running around with my charm that I put alot of work into getting... Great. Thanks for responding guys but I'll probably start playing a different game cuz I have practically nothing now in this one.
Mortimer: Lvl 195 Warrior (Dps)
Zepheron: Lvl 156 Ranger
Xerath: Lvl 146 Mage

Re: My 20k charm is gone...

first of all, all what u said now is a *** and u wont quit cuz of it, im sure about it
second of all ur low lvl now so its preety hard, focus on lvling and u will get quick gold and u will forget about that charm
support wont help u in that case
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