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I tried logging in today first time in about a month and a half and it said my account has been disabled why?
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Re: Disabled

Accounts have been disabled that are or have been used in scamming, and/or accounts bought or sold or traded/shared. However Admin has recently posted a follow up on appealing your suspension..here:

admin wrote:Today we have come up with some clear guidelines for players plus a procedure of warnings to go through in future before anyone has their account disabled, and an appeals process for those who have had their accounts disabled.

This will be posted up by community early next week.

I would like to be clear that this whole things is to try and help protect players from scammers who are stealing items and gold on a regular basis, but obviously we also have to be fair on players and make sure nobody is unjustly treated.

I would post in support or ask a mod to move this there and inquire about your account.

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