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Suggestions and Updates

One Thumb Mobile is constantly striving to build on and improve your gaming experience in Celtic Heroes.

If you have a suggestion, or are excited to hear about the latest developments and upcoming content for the game, you can do so by:
    Keeping an eye out on the website at http://www.celtic-heroes.com.
    Following us on Twitter and Facebook.
    Signing up to the forums and posting in the Feedback and Suggestions forum to let us know all your awesome ideas.
We really do want to hear from you, but please do not use the support tool or e-mail address to ask about future updates for the game or make suggestions at this time.

We do read the forums, and all your comments on Facebook and Twitter, but we can’t answer these types of enquiries by e-mail or in-game.
Terms of Service, Policies and Procedures: http://celtic-heroes.com/support/

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