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Devs Be Damned...

I've been waiting and waiting like all the rest of you for the longest time and the devs are still silent... All they need to do is say, "hey it's gonna be a bit until things start up again" and I'll be like ok.. but while I waited I've also did some research into alternative mobile gaming... If you have 5G or a good internet connection I highly recommend you look into Stadia or one of its competitors. After little time setting-up you'll be playing a proper MMORPG along with many others on your phone (Elder Scrolls Online). Been playing two days now and I am impressed and I'm sure you will be blown away with the prospect of playing endless (voiced) story-driven content, alongside a wealth of downloadable content... Imagine it, no more wait... Put your foot down and make the switch today... Maybe in two years they will have replied to someone on the forums about the state of the game and not another "Bloodthorn Bash"... Cya guys in a little while, got some gaming to catch up on...

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