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Re: Account Issue


Our Support Team is working to respond to everyone's issue as quickly as possible. We apologize that the wait time is not what you were expecting, but we appreciate the continued patience and we will respond to your ticket soon.

Thank you.

Re: Account Issue

Hi, my name is sayed ive been playing this game for 8 years and recently one of my toons got banned until further notice for reasons i dont know. Ive been mailing appeals for over 2 months and they didnt reply with a single email, the toon may not be linked to my email or any eamil but i can easily proof its mine i atleast want to know what i did so i dont do it again.
Please help me and thank you

Dolce123 225 ranger
Dolce8gabbana 209 mage (banned toon)
Johnwick 200 rogue
World sulis

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