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Pls fix issues asked for many times!

I keep NOT getting exp on combination elixir! Im pretty sure u are aware how expensive they are....

Also u need to fix mount and PET token... i bought 100 chest and get 2 mount tokens and 1 PET.... now how will i ever get a pet4 lvl 6 mount? Not to talk about spirit mount.... i just cant afford buying chest to get boots, new hats, lix (that dosent work) and ur fash tokens... i cant even get a full fashion set on ALL the chest i Got last 3 months.. not to talk about No seed, dragon egg, Phoenix or any... but ok we talk about only 500.

I bought some of ur hero exp and also they dont work... i wrote u and reply is as always. We look into it!!! Ehhhhrm, Can u atleast give me my lix back?!?! My money? My plat?

This support is just not good enough!

Re: Pls fix issues asked for many times!

I haven’t heard of any issues with xp elixirs not working, whether in combos or by themselves. You are sure that you are using knowledge elixirs (not wisdoms) and also that you are leveling on mobs that are your level or higher? And you’ve compared exp gains (how much you get for killing a mob) while on lix and off lix, and it’s the same?

Chest drop rates suck, yes. However, that’s how RNG works, sometimes you get lucky, but 99 times out of 100 you don’t. That’s why I always recommend that anyone who is actually looking to get something specific, should just sell the chests and use the gold to buy the item. Take mount/pet tokens for example. On Sulis, a chest goes for 40k or so. Pet tokens go for 40-45k, and mount tokens go for 50-60k. If you want pet tokens, just sell a chest and spend the gold on a pet token from another player. Same goes for a mount token, as well as fashion. There are plenty of players who have huge amounts of gold and are willing to buy dozens of chests just for a chance of getting an egg or seedling.

When it comes to chests, you need to decide whether you want to gamble on the chance that you get what you want, or you can cut your losses and just sell the chests and use the gold. Essentially it comes down to whether you want to spend more money and guarantee that you get the item, or possibly spend less money and hope you get lucky.
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