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Re: Platinum was taken from me. Please bring it back!

Calm down buddy. If you contact Support, they should be able to tell you if it was used to purchase something - and if so, what was purchased. I have never heard of anyone having an issue with platinum randomly vanishing, so I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical reason behind it.

Just to be sure - you didn’t log on to another character on a different account?
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Re: Platinum was taken from me. Please bring it back!

arthurbolotov wrote:In general, I can't wait for an answer. Scammers administration. I broke all things and deleted the game.

Not tryna start an argument but why would support scam 300 platinum whenever they have support tool to give themselves any item that’s in game and special items that are only for support.. aka “boots of running quite fast” .. one day, one day

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