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Old meteoric Wep Quest

Hello Everyone!

I´ve returned to CH recently and got hooked again pretty quick. Since i had quit a few years ago i still had the old Quest for my meteoric Weapon (Where i have to kill 5 wisps in stonevale). The problem is that i can´t find them. When i emailed the support i was told that these mobs still exist in the game, i just don´t know what they look like, where they spawn or what their spawn time is.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem or seen these mobs?
Please let me know and thanks alot for helping out!

Re: Old meteoric Wep Quest

I personally haven't seen wisps since my return to the game unfortunately. I thought they'd just been removed as well. Man was that back when you got all the warden quests in one go at level 60? Sorry I can't really help with wisps thought. They used to be in SV right? *Oops yes, were those the wisps bosses also? I think I remember fellfire originally being the name for the giant red wisp boss, and there was a blue one and now they just turned them into imps.

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