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Help with dual logging Druid/Ranger

So I am just about to start dual log leveling with my Druid and my Ranger and I was wondering what skills I should use for each class.

Energy won’t be too much of a problem and the lvls and skills go as follows:

Lvl 164 ranger:
Max shapshot, Max longshot, max double shot, max steady aim and max bolas. The ranger is dex based.

Lvl 164 Druid:
Max vines, max lightning strike, max storm touch, max bark, and max nature’s touch.

I will be using combos with my ranger and energy lix with my Druid. I know where to lvl, decent lux gear, how to pull mobs, etc. just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on any other skills I should use with this lvling combo and how to maximize my lix efficiency! Thanks guys!

Re: Help with dual logging Druid/Ranger

What i would do personally is change the ranger to strength based. The reason i think this is because with strength rangers the skills are double shot, steady aim, sharpen weapons, bolas, light heal, and rapid shot if you want. With all the buffs your auto damage will be insane and you don’t have to swap between devices to constantly cast skills. You could occasionally cast double shot here and there. Keep the Druid skills the same as i like the lightning strike, storm touch, and vines setup. The shield of bark will help because you wont have to constantly cast natures touch as much, and you can keep doing dps. This is just my personal option you don’t need to follow this. Good luck dual devicing!

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