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hi all i need help to upgrade warden and dagger, level 89 rogue, how do i start both of these thank's
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DestoryDolore wrote:hi all i need help to upgrade warden and dagger, level 89 rogue, how do i start both of these thank's

Do u want to upgrade them to metroic? Or acquire Warden armor and dagger?

To acquire Warden (armor and weapon), u need discs. These drop from almost all Stonevale bosses.

As for upgrading to metroic, for each piece of ARMOR you will need: 3 specific obsidian tablets, 3 specific black Remnants and a crystal. Rems and Tabs drop from various bosses, while the crystals drop from 5* mobs in Murky.

As for the metroic weapon, there is a long story line u need to follow, it starts from Highshore village in Lir’s reach.

Re: amour

You will need to level up a bit more for most of the meteoric gear. Make sure that you have full warden first, you will not be able to start the meteoric quests until you have the equivilant warden piece.

I believe the quest for meteoric gloves starts at 85, so you should have that available already. You will need to speak to the wardens that gave you the Warden gear in order to start the meteoric quests. You won't be able to get the meteoric weapon until level 105.
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The warden quest starts in Stonevale, if I’m correct you still need to talk to the mailman at the farm who will tell you to speak to the wardens in Stonevale. From there they will fill you in on what you need.
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