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Tank level 220 or 225

I am making a tank currently and I was wondering if there is a noticeable difference leveling over 220.

I think I will stop at 220 but it never hurts to ask others what they have done.

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Re: Tank level 220 or 225

I temporarily tanked at lvl 226 and had no issue with lower lvl raids (didnt try snorri as we dont really put tanks there), but 220 is generally smarter to go with.
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Re: Tank level 220 or 225

I personally went 222, which I think makes us receive a bit tad less damage and 2 skill points, and only having 1% more aggro penalty than a 220.
I can say i usually lose aggro on Dog 6 but I gain it back on the next Taunt/Warcry.
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Re: Tank level 220 or 225

215 is honestly the minimum, 220 is your safest bet as you have access to all upgrades/drop, anything above is cool but you lose small amounts of aggro, but its a very small amount
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Re: Tank level 220 or 225

You can take it as far as you like. The agro loss is minor and not a huge deal. The bosses you need to keep ago on...you will :) And yes, you might lose some agro to a pimped out fire mage at dog 6* but no big deal. Mages are used to dying hahahahaha! If that concerned about it though use some agro pieces like a hrung helm on those little bosses.

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