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Re: Best way to change weapons later in the game?

I respectfully disagree with using an axe for dps. DPS for mordy spear / spit dagger is better than axe. Also, rupture is a sloooow cast. You can get in 2-3 autos and a pummel in that cast time. Also wep speed is better with spear. And pierce lure is used at raids almost universally. Can't recall the last time I saw a mage use slash lure .

Ues the obby with haste and wis lix as above. You'll be op in no time.
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Re: Best way to change weapons later in the game?

To level a weapon the best way is to find the fastest version of it you can (usually a noop version that does little damage) and train in the Obby in OW.

An axe is great dps BECAUSE of rupture. It's the best dps skill a warrior has because it causes huge initial damage and then gives damage per tick after.

I used to auto with spear and then cast skills with either an axe or 2HH
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