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New player, would love advice.

I just made my toon today and bought platinum and bought 167k. For a low level like me right now what stats are best? I was told to only upgrade health and to only invest in health sigils and some energy sigils. Before i do just that, what is the best way for me start stats out as? What is the best way for me to start out doing right now? Should i buy the sigils right now and upgrade health only or is there more I need to know before i do anything else?
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Re: New player, would love advice.

I'm not the best at this :-| , but if I was you I probably would have went for a 3 str: 2vit build in general, and enough energy to last me 3-4 battles without regenerating. I would follow the storyline and keep the Dauntless Armor set on to save money. Try not to spend too much gold. Assuming no gold is spent, you should have ~175k by level 60 if you follow the quest until you finish Shalemont Ravine. And make sure to join a good clan, they will provide you with items needed for quest armor, help you with quests, etc.. And you should attend as many bosses with your clan as possible, as when killed, bosses give good money, and some drop equipment. Then using the money you have, try to buy some lux. I would go for a Golden Blade. Try to buy some Warrior skills from other players, like Shatter (decreases the target's armor) and Rupture (a decent DoT skill that is only usable with either an axe or a blunt weapon). The skills I would use would be Shatter, Rupture, Pummel (instant physical damage) and Frenzy (increase auto attack damage and chance to land a hit by a certain amount).

Hope this helps :)
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