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The Dreaded Wisps

So currently at 57, 5 regen on health and energy per tick, axe with rapture maxed, frenzy maxed, and 12 on giant swing with 13 on shatter (from +3 ring?).
Supposed to be farming wisps I suppose but they take a lot of health off me when I try killing them, so I have to sit and wait for health to come back for a while before moving on to the next one. Any suggestions on how to level more efficiently? btw running no elixs, doing it commando.

Re: The Dreaded Wisps

I don't like buying things... I just do free offers and try the 10 plat chests so I have a few sigils at random. And I was doing proc stance before, switched it to frenzy today and it helped out a lot more at killing the red wisps, though blues are taking almost half my health if a few skills miss :( armor isnt great either, redclaw chest, plate helmet and plate pants (whatever it's called), duskshadow gloves and shoes for extra focus. 10k gold on me as of now, might be able to get a bit more if its needed, and waiting to level to 60 for warden armor

Re: The Dreaded Wisps

Crystality wrote:So currently at 57,
Supposed to be farming wisps I suppose but they take a lot of health off me

You're lvl 57! Why the hell you're you trying to farm wisps?! :O of course they will hurt you a lot! If you're farming. Stay they hell away from wisps! Farm at catacombs maybe. If you're lvling i strongly suggest group lvling at low lvls as its much faster and cheaper.
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Re: The Dreaded Wisps

he means farming xp, you cant get any xp from catas at that level.
What you should do is stay at shalemont river and level there it's great. try to avoid the mages though unless you have a druid with you. proc stance will help against the soldier.

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Re: The Dreaded Wisps

I suggest you move to southern road, where level 60 wisps and faeries are- take them 1 at a time, and if 2 or more attack then group leveling is an option (which I recommend)

Too bad I don't follow my own advice lol... I solo level unless with DPS.


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Re: The Dreaded Wisps

faeries tend to somehow ALWAYS gang up on me, then I have low mana, and bam dead :( or a mage one starts killing me from afar without noticing and as I attempt to run it still kills me. And I haven't really group leveled myself, just in my loner clan killing things and passing time the only way I know how, yelling at the screen as giant swing and rapture are evaded xD

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