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Re: Am I dps or tank

Whether or not u wish to be a dps build is ur choice i wouldnt keep only 1k hp and put all points into str. Also if u want the focus ultimately its ur choice however with 20 energy regen for ur lvl should regen ur energy fast enough to use ur skills whenever u want so those extra points can go into a more useful stat. One other note dont place more then 300 points into str as thats when it becomes inefficient and a waste of points.

Re: Am I dps or tank

I was a tank get rid of trident. Buy both health braclets or reisst braclets, no ammy buy a resist necklass, buy both rings at least helath regen ring health helm or get radiant or earthstone, DO NOT NEED HERO GLOVES you can get hero boots if you would like, and get eaither royal shield of wind or mountain. Stats 4k helath at lvl 107 wit hthe wind shield, 44 strength, 5 dex, 40 energy and whatever you have left add to health :D
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