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Re: Am I dps or tank

You're pretty much in the middle.

May i ask, what energy regen items do you have because 132 focus points is a ton and if you don't have any energy regen items I'd suggest you save up because those point could go somewhere else.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Like i said, middle so you're a hybrid but 1.5k health isnt that much health so i wudnt say you're leaning on hybrid tank. But then im not sure you're leaning the other way either. So just a hybrid.

In terms of skils, the ordinary:
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Re: Am I dps or tank

Way to much focus get a heroic ammulet.....Cut down on the vitality need only about 1k health adds some points to dexterity for more hit and dodge chances get a golden blade of ice and some energy regen and you should be fine with dps....but however a dps build is not for solo leveling group leveling works best.

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Re: Am I dps or tank

Well with ur regen u dont need that much focus so remove it would be my suggestion. For ur stats i would either go a 3:2 ratio of vit:str or the opposite if u want more dps then health both seem to work great so pick ur own.

Re: Am I dps or tank

I have focus at 10, with 15 energy regeneration (Silver energy amulet, and a Revenant ring of energization). It grants me infinite energy. You should rebirth, take out all of your points from focus, and put it into vitality. And to answer your question, you are a hybrid (dps/tank).
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