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SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

Welcome to SirBlaze333's warrior guide! In Celtic Heroes, the warrior is seen as a main class. Throughout the game, warriors will take on one of two roles. These two roles consist of "Tanking" and "DPS".

Tanking: A warrior that decides to become a tank will have a generally defensive build. They are meant to take on the brutal damage of bosses. This being said, there is little or no room for offensive traits. For a more detailed guide, click on this link:
http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?nomobile=1&f=52&t=50842 - Written by Immortalius

DPS: Firstly, DPS stands for damage per second, corrisponding with the damage trait of each class; thus the title. A warrior choosing the path of damage will have a generally offensive build. The defensive component of this class will vary from person to person. Not to get confused with tanks, some DPS builds have a large defensive component to the build. Others may have next to no health and very little armor. 

Hybrid: A hybrid is a build that allows a warrior to take on both roles at any given time. This is not a role

Now that the roles are out of the way, we can now look at the other components of a warrior...

Stats and Attributes
Strength: As a warrior, strength is a very handy attribute. Though useful, it should only be added to your warrior in large amounts. The reason for this is that strength adds to your damage but damage really only piles on with sufficient strength. Strength also allows for a larger selection of weapons to be wielded.

Dexterity: The most contrivurial attribute of a warrior's build is dexterity. Many agree that this stat is in fact useful, while many others disagree. What dexterity does is it adds to your attack and defense stats. Attack allows for a better chance of hitting the target with your auto attack. Defense heightens your chance of dodging/blocking incoming auto attacks.

Focus: Focus is now becoming a factor of a warrior's build. Some players ignore this attribute, while others choose to include it. Focus adds to your total amount of energy, allowing skills to be performed more frequently during battles (assuming energy is full before battle).

Vitality: A majority of warriors will agree that vitality is an essencial attribute. And it is, unless you are relying on a tank to group you while leveling. But that is just unrealistic! What vitality does is it adds to your total amount of health. More health means staying alive longer during battle while taking damage.

Armor: armor is the stat that reduces the amount of damage you take.

Celtic Heroes has flooded the warriors with all sorts of weapons and armor! 
Lets go through the main weapons first. There are currently 4 main types of weapons that warriors use. Hammers, axes, and swords all come in one handed versions along with two handed versions. The spear is also a main weapon. Spears are always one handed (with an exception for the giant spears dropped by the 2012 Christmas Bosses, which are two handed). There are multiple tiers of weapons, but generally, all tiers share the same idea that as the weapon gets stronger, it also gets slower. In order of increasing strength (and decreasing speed), here is the list of the main weapons...

Sword, Axe, Hammer, Spear

Keep in mind that DPS stands for damage per second. This means that you can compare each weapons general damage rate by dividing the damage of the weapon by the attack speed. The higher the value, the more devestating the weapon is.

Offhand: Recall that there are two roles of a warrior. There are also two types of offhands that a warrior can equip. There are shields that complement tanks and there are offhand weapons that complement DPS warriors. In most cases, offhand weapons benefit more from a faster striking mainhand weapon. In general, a warrior of a higher level should have an offhand weapon regardless of their build to be able to solo mobs relatively close to their level.

Jewelery: The jewelery page is consisted of 8 slots. One of which is for necklaces, one for charms, two for bracelets, and four for rings. No matter what build you have, a luxury necklace that provides energy regen is always a great choice. For the charm slot, a silver/golden camoflauge is recommended; however, they have been discontinued in the luxury shop, so an evasion one or event charm will have to do for now. The other charms are purely cosmetic. As for bracelets, an energy regenerating bracelet comes pretty handy. There are two slots, so a combination of a regen and another bracelet will suit the average warrior. The ring slots are open to a variety of of rings. There is no "best" ring setup for general use.

As for the rest of the equipment, its all straight forward. Its more of a decision between trade-offs between bonuses. Generally, blood strike and its upgraded versions will serve as a better set opposed to vendor bought sets. The main quest set bonuses are vital for boss fights.

There are several decisions that will have to be made when it comes to skills. Some of which are "Which should I max first?", "Should I max any at all?", and "Which skills should I be using?". All of these are good questions and I am hoping that this guide will help you answer your questions!

Pummel: This is a warrior's basic melee skill that does damage to the selected target. The damage done by this skills is not influenced by your weapon damage nor attack speed. This being said, as you level you may notice it becomes less useful when you acquire stronger weapons. Strength increases the maximum damage this skill does

Giant Swing: This skill, like pummel, provides some extra damage when used. Unlike pummel, the damage and cast rate of this skill is influenced by how powerful your weapon is, along with how slow your weapon is. As a warrior levels and gains a more powerful weapon, the skill becomes more useful. Strength increases the maximum damage this skill does.

Rupture: This skill provides a great deal of damage over time. The initial hit does some pretty good damage, followed by a lasting effect that depletes the target's health with decent damage. It does however require a blunt weapon (or axe?) to cast. Strength improves the damage of both, the initial hit and damage over time.

Double Attack: This skill inflicts double your damage stat to the target. Double Attack cannot be evaded and only effects a target that is equal to or below a certain level. Targets above the listed level take regular damage. Adding more points to this skill increases the level that is listed.

Shatter: This skill inflicts damage equivalent to your damage stat. Additionally, shatter debuffs the target's armor for 10 seconds. Strength increases the magnitude of the debuff. (This skill was create by me :D )


Shield Wall: This skill blocks a certain amount of damage for up to 5 seconds. Vitality and skill points add to the maximum damage absorbtion.

Defensive Formation: This skill buffs all grouped players near the user, including the user. Players within the effective range gain a defense bonus that lasts for one minute.

Sweeping Blow: This skill acts like giant swing. However it has an area of effect for the cost of reduced damage. The effect of this skill reaches out to any mob around the target. Strength increases the damage of this skill.

Shield Bash: This skills uses your equipped shield to do minimal damage along with a handy stun effect. The target that gets stunned cannot move, attack, or use skills until the short effect is over. Strength increases the maximum damage this skill does.

Protective Stance: This skill temporarily provides additional armor, reducing incoming damage. This skill lasts for 90 seconds and does not stack with frenzy. The armor bonus increases with additional vitality.

Frenzy: This skill boosts attack and adds to your damage multiplier to enlarge your damage. This skill lasts for 60 seconds and always replaces protective stance when used. Strength increases the bonuses provided.

Enduring Guard: The effect of this skill raises your physical attack evasion for 60 seconds. Vitality increases the evasive effect.

Taunt: This skill raises your aggression toward the target, making the target more likely to attack you. Vitality increases the effectiveness this skill.

War Cry: Like taunt, this skill raises aggression toward the target. Unlike taunt, it affects the target itself and the surrounding mobs of the target. Its effect is lesser to taunt. Vitality increases the effectiveness of this skill.

Bandage Wounds: This skill provides a heal to friendly targets or to one's self. It is a very useful skill to use between battles to recover. Vitality increases the maximum heal of this skill.

Recuperate: This skill provides minimal heals every few seconds when outside of battle. The skill lasts for 2 whole minutes unless engaged in battle. It is best used for healing large amounts of health in combination with bandage wounds. Vitality increases the maximum heals this skill does.

Meditate: This skill regeneragtes energy every few seconds when outside of battle. The skill lasts for 2 whole minutes unless engaged in battle. Focus increases the maximum regeneration of this skill.

I wont be telling you what's best for PvP because that would ruin the fun of it and figuring it out on your own would prevent a mass amount of people with the same build. Diversity is what helps you decide whether to duel that other player or not!

As for a warrior's PvP rank, I will provide a list of them in order of progression...

Grunt > Trooper > Footman > Soldier > Guardsman > Brawler > Basher > Bruiser > Wrecker > Gladiator > Charger > Lancer > Veteran > Vanguard > Vanquisher > Berserker > Butcher > Knight > Templar > Seneschal > Marshall > Defender > Guardian > Juggernaut > Champion > Slayer > Battlemaster/maiden > Warmaster/maiden > Warlord > Overlord

There are a total of 30 ranks that a warrior can achieve, each requiring more victories than the last. Do you have what it takes to become an Invincible Overlord?
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Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

sdoneski18 wrote:thanks i really needed somthing like this and i have a question whats better astrayl or crystyal cause astrayl armor in the next update will upgrade into dragon armor im only 78 which one should i choose

Diamond is better than Astral at the moment. When the patch comes, The quest for glacial armor will be out for those that are level 100. Glacial will be better than diamond. Dragonscale (Unknown level requirement) is the upgrade of glacial.

Seeing as your only level 78 at the moment and you wont be getting glacial for a while, buy the diamond armor (not quartze).

Warden < Quartze < Meteoric < Diamond < Glacial < Dragonscale
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Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

noobie101 wrote:Since we're on the subject of armor, was wondering where to get ancient plate armor, if there is a vendor or is it a drop from something.

This getting way too off topic. Its from a vendor in stonevale.

Please stay on topic if your going to comment.
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